Small dog boarding in a comfortable air conditioned home is available for dogs under 25 pounds so your dog will not feel stressed while you are away. Your dog will be pampered, loved, hugged and treated like the furry child they are. 

  Your dog will not have to deal with crowding or stress as I do not board more than a couple of dogs at any one time. Your dog will have lots of personal attention by an experienced pet sitting professional.

  Your dog can be fed breakfast, lunch and dinner (you need to bring your dogs food.) If your dog is normally fed less than 3 meals per day, I can portion your dogs food so they are getting the same amount and you will not come back to a rolly polly dog. If permitted I will mix a little organic brown rice and turkey in with their food and will heat it to the right temparature so your dog can enjoy their meal. 

  I know most people have busy schedules especially when leaving for or returning from a trip, for your convenience I offer small dog pick up and drop off service starting at $25.00 to $45.00 each way, please contact me for dog drop off and pick up rate. Dog pick up and drop off is available Huntington Beach, Huntington Harbor down town Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Corona Del Mar and Balboa. 

  I am located about 5 minutes south of the 405 freeway and Beach Blvd in Huntington Beach Ca. 92647

  • Small dog boarding for dogs under 25 pounds

    Small dog boarding starts at  $60.00 per night for 3 or more consecutive nights (less than 3 consecutive nights is $65.00)  and includes:

    • One night of small dog boarding - dogs can be dropped off and picked up by appointment only between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00 pm.

      • If I drop off and pick up your dog I can do it between the hours of 8:00am and 6:00pm with in a 2 hour time frame that you select when you book service.

    • Feeding your dog up to 3 meals per day. (you provide your dogs food.)

    • Your dog can sleep in a bedroom at night with me and my dog Bailey a friendly Boston Terrier. (if you prefer your dog sleeps in a crate please bring or send it.)

    • Dog play sessions.

    • A nice grass area with plenty of room for your small dog to run and play in.

    • Care provided by an experienced professional who does this for a living.

    • Access to an experienced vet if who is open 7 days a week if any medical treatment is needed. (client must leave credit card on file with their vet) Clients vet listed on vet release form is always first choice but if clients vet is not available I have access to a vet who will provide treatment if necessary.

    • The same person to take care of your dog each time you travel so your dog will feel secure and comfortable while you are away. I have been in business for over 10 years. Established in 2007

    • Lots of hugs and personal attention.

  • Additional Small Dog Boarding Services

    • Oral medication administration. Please note I can not board dogs who have anything contagious.

    • Dog bath starting at $25.00.

    • Dog teeth brushing $5.00 each, available for dogs who have their teeth brushed every night at home just like my dog.

    • Holiday Fee of $25.00 for Thanksgiving, December 24th, 25th and 31st, January 1st, Easter, July 3rd and 4th

    • If your dog has a special requirement not listed here please contact me for rate.


  • Requirements for small dog boarding

    • To qualify as a small dog they must weigh under 30 lbs or I must be able to pick them up.

    • Boarding dogs must be spayed or neutered to prevent fighting and marking.

    • Dogs must be up to date on all vet recommended vaccines or have a Titer test for the safety of all dogs. If you can not locate your vaccine paper work I can call your vet to verify vaccines or Titer test.

    • A Titer test will verify that the vaccine is still active in your dogs system, this is a good option for dogs who do not handle vaccines well.

    • Dogs must be socialized, non aggressive, free of fleas and on current vet recommended flea control such as Comfortis. Dogs must get along with other dogs and people

      • Prior to your first dog sitting service your dog will need to come for a temperament test, they will need to stay with me for one hour so I can make sure they are a good fit for boarding and to make sure your dog will be happy with this option.

      • If your dog appears to be a good fit for small dog boarding after the temperament test and you would like to book service you will need to pay for your first dog boarding service to guarantee the reservation.

    • Please bring enough food for your dog, if you do not bring enough dog food there is a $10.00 per day food charge. This is because the only dog food I have is what I feed my dog which is home made home made organic dog food I cook for her consisting of organic brown rice, turkey and organic table scraps.


    • Dogs must be fully house broken to stay with me meaning they do not go potty in the house since my home is carpeted. I can not accept dogs who wear diapers.


In addition to dogs we provide pet sitting in Huntington Beach for most pets, please visit