Lori and her overnight dog sitters are experienced, mature (above the age of 30) bonded, insured and background checked for your peace of mind. You can have the same dog sitter for each service you request so your dog can feel secure.  Please note that reservations must be kept since each dog sitter can only do one overnight dog sitting service at a time, please see policy page for details.

Lori The Dog Walker and dog sitter was established in 2007 to provide loving care for your dog when you need to be away. All overnight dog sitters have been with Lori for over one year and if they encounter a difficult situation Lori is never more than a text or call away and can usually be on location within 30 minutes if needed.

For details about our policy and add on services please see our policy page.

  •  Standard overnight dog sitting starts at $85.00 per night.
  • Standard overnight dog sitter service is one of our most popular services, your dog will have a great time. I or one of my assistants will stay overnight in your home with your furry child aka dog for a minimum of 12 hours.
  •    If I personally provide overnight dog sitting my dog Bailey must come with me, she is a 10 year old, 18 lb Boston Terrier who loves all dogs and people, she is house broken, on monthly Comfortis and up to date on all vaccines. Bailey is very attached to me, she goes everywhere with me and sleeps in my bed at night.  I have tried leaving her with a relative but she got very upset, so upset she had stomach problems and I had to take her to the vet. I just can not do that to her. If you prefer that your dog sitter not bring her dog please let me know and I will check to see if I have someone available who does not need to bring their dog.
  •  Rates for additional services with overnight dog sitting are as follows:
  • Each additional dog starting at $10.00 per night. 
  •  Mid day visits and dog walks if needed in Huntington Beach or Newport Beach are $25.00 for one dog, $5.00 for each additional dog. 
  • Oral Medication administration non time specific $5.00 per administration.
    •  Time specific medication administration (dog must have medication at an exact time) $10.00 per each administration.
    •   Add $10.00 per night for puppies under the age of 6 months or any dog who is not house broken.
    • Holiday standard overnight dog sitting is an additional $30.00
    •  If you have other pets in your home please contact me for rate.
    •  Additional dog means a dog who lives in your home that you own.
  • Full Time Overnight Dog Sitting in Your Huntington Beach or Newport Beach Home

    •   Full time overnight dog sitting is for the dog who needs lots of attention, or they are used to their dog parent being home most of the time and they need more attention than the standard overnight dog sitting service offers. For dogs who need their dog sitter to mimic what a stay at home dog parent does, full time over night dog sitting is a great option.
    •    Full time overnight dog care includes all the standard dog sitting services however your dog sitter will will be with your dog in your home and only leave for a few hours a day, (no more than 7 total she must be able to leave for at least 3 hours at a time) to do some morning and evening pet sitting visits or some mid day dog walks. 
    •   Your dog must be able to stay in your home alone for at least 3 hours at a time while your dog sitter goes on pet sitting visits. 
    •    Full time overnight dog sitting must begin and end between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00pm if you would like your dog sitter to be in your home when you leave and return from your trip.
    •    Full time overnight dog sitting in Huntington Beach or Newport Beach starts at $150.00 per each night, up to 24 hours service requested over 24 hours is billed at $15.00 per hour. You must book additional hours in advance to make sure your dog sitter is available.
    • Rate is for for one dog. Each additional dog is $50.00 per night.
    • Full time overnight dog sitting major holiday fee is $50.00
  • 24 Hour Overnight Dog Sitting

    • For friendly dogs who need lots of attention and are able to go on dog walks and go places with their dog sitter. Your dog sitter can either be in your home taking care of your dog, take your dog with her when she goes on other dog walks or errands. Your dog will never be left alone for any period of time. As mentioned above, my dog Bailey (Boston Terrier) must come with me for overnight care if I personally do the job and your dog must be able to ride in the car to accompany their dog sitter on errands or other dog friendly activities. I am sorry but it is not possible for me or one of my dog sitters to stay in the home 24 hours a day. 24 Hour overnight dog sitting starts at $225.00 per each 24 hour period or any part of a 24 hour period for one dog. 24 hour overnight dog sitting must begin and end between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00pm
    • If your end time is beyond the 24 hour mark the rate is $25.00 per hour.
    • 24 hour care holiday fee is $50.00 for most holidays.


  • Overnight Dog Sitter in Newport Beach

      Please Note - Overnight dog sitting is some times available in Newport Beach pending sitter availability. Pick up and drop off for small dog boarding for dogs under 25 lbs is always available in Newport Beach. Dog sitting or dog walking visits with  overnight dog sitting with overnights in Newport Beach are the same rate as Huntington Beach $25.00 per walk

In addition to dogs we provide pet sitting in Huntington Beach for most animals please visit