• Daily Puppy Care Visits

    We will spend time with your puppy in your home while you are at work, let them out to go potty, play with them and give them hugs. Puppies under 4  months should not go for walks in public areas as they have not had their finial parvo shot yet and can easily catch the deadly disease by sniffing the ground where other dogs have been. There has been a Parvo outbreak in Orange County. We must have Parvo vaccine records from your vet before we can take your puppy for an outdoor walk. It is always best to ask your vet  to find out when it is safe to take your new puppy on out door adventures.

    If you leave clean up supplies, your puppy care giver will do their best to clean up accidents your puppy has. Please note that if your puppy has had a large potty accident that soaked down to the carpet padding, you will need to hire a carpet cleaning service to remove the accident from the padding. Scrubbing the carpet by hand can not get urine out of padding. There are specfic cleaners you can buy at your pet store which will help neutralize the amonia in puppy urine so it does not take the color out of your carpet. If your puppy had an accident on a wood floor there may be damage to the floor. Please leave supplies that are safe for the carpet or floor you have, we can not be responsible for damage caused by the products you provide for cleaning.


    • Daily puppy care visits in Huntington Beach  30 minutes are $25.00 each for one puppy, additional puppies are $5.00 per visit.
    • 45 minute puppy care visits are $30.00 each.
    • One hour puppy care visits $35.00 each.