Dog Walking and dog sitting Service


 If you love your dog so much that you think of them as your furry family member we are the dog walker and dog sitter service you need to hire. 

  Lori The Dog Walker and her assistants are knowledgeable, mature (above the age of 30) licensed, bonded, insured and back ground checked. You can have the same dog walker for each service. We have years of dog walking, dog sitting and puppy care experience. Established in 2007. We love dogs.

What We Do

 Dogs have a physical and mental need to go for a walk each day. To a dog a walk is like a massage is for us, they come back from a walk with their stress relieved and they feel like a new dog. while you are away on vacation or business. Our job is to make sure you have peace of mind knowing that your dog is happy, safe and well cared for while you are away.  

  We offer daily dog walker service to keep your dog happy and healthy. Social dog walks (small groups only) are available for the dog who likes to make friends and socialize with other dogs on their walk. Most dogs love to walk with other dogs, it is their instinct to walk together.   

  • Private dog walks are available for the dog who prefers to walk with their dog walker rather than other dogs

  • Dog sitter service is available we offer:

  • Overnight Dog Sitting in your Huntington Beach home for dogs of all sizes, our professional, mature (above the age of 40) dog sitter will spend the night in your home with your dog(s). We offer standard, full time and almost 24 hour overnight dog care depending on your dogs needs and your preference.

  •  Small Dog Boarding in a dog sitters home for dogs under 30 pounds, your dog will have a great deal of personal attention from a professional experienced dog sitter in a no stress, no crowds environment. (advance registration and temperament test required)

  • Daily Dog Sitter Visits while you are away on vacation or business, two or three times per day.

  •  We provide daily puppy care visits in your home for the puppy who needs some attention, hugs and maybe a potty break while their puppy parent is at work. Puppies may become stressed if left alone for more than 4 or 5 hours at a time.

Before dog walker or dog sitter service can begin Lori or one of her dog care professionals will need to have a consultation with you and your dog. We will come to your home take notes on your dogs temperament and care routine, home care needs, pick up the keys and get to know your dog so they are not scared when we come to your home for our first visit. There is a small $15.00 consultation fee for the meeting to compensate your dog walker for her time and gas.  

In addition to dogs we provide pet sitting in Huntington Beach for cats, caged pets, fish, birds and many types of pets in your home with a minimum of once per day visits, please visit


Daily dog walks available 7 days a week by professional dog walkers.